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Poker Ride May 27th


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   On March 11, 2017, nine volunteers from the Back Country Horsemen of North Georgia converged at Fort Mountain Stables to volunteer for the 11th Annual Georgia Department of Natural Resources Equestrian Workday at the only State Park in North Georgia with Equestrian Trails.  Volunteers helped with maintenance on trails, installed a new hitching rail and cleaned up around the Ernest Mine.  BCHNG plans on having another workday in the near future to help Rebecca Harrison, manager of Fort Mountain Stables, and the DNR with maintenance.  

The State Park offers miles of beautiful riding and with mountain views and interesting trails by old mines teeming with wildlife and a multitude of Kodak moments.




Thompson Rifle Raffle Winner: Bill Hyde of Ellijay
Congratulations and thanks to all those folks  who bought a ticket and helped raise funds for our organization, you are helping to maintain trails at Jack's River Field Campground.

   Anyone wishing to acquire CPR, Chainsaw or Crosscut Saw training - please contact Karen Larsen at kalarson@fs.fed.us




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Tuesday, March 10
Fannin Coop

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Dr. Zagor

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Preserving our trails for future generations is a main goal of BCHNG.
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