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3 Great trail rides now on the schedule.
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Raffle tix will be available in mid-Aug for our Dec 4th Christmas Party drawing.
New Henry Silver Boy 22 Rifle
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Nanci Tarrant, Melinda & Robert Wagner, Kathleen Corcoran
April Holcombe at the Fanin Co-Op, Chuck Panter, Marti Nunn
Dewey and Molly Campbell, Martha Fillingham, Brandon & Kellie Arp


Back Country Horsemen of North Georgia (BCHNG) is one of four Georgia chapters and one of nearly 200 across the country of our 13,000- member strong national organization, Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA). BCH members provide a united, strong voice for equestrian access to sustainable trails on public lands. Working collaboratively with other trail users and land managers, BCHNG has played an integral role in the CoTrails Initiative of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests, participating in decision and management processes.

   BCHNG members provide direct support for local trail mapping, construction of sustainable trails and maintenance activities, as well as input to local and national forest management policy. In 2007, BCHNG adopted and has since maintained the Jacks River Fields Campground & Horse Camp in the Conasauga Ranger District that was facing closure because of resource cuts.

   We need motivated members to assist us with our mission. If you enjoy riding in the North Georgia Mountains and treasure the right to do so, consider becoming a member of the Back Country Horsemen of North Georgia. Please see the membership link on this page. Help us ensure that we, our children, and grandchildren continue to experience the pleasure of riding our horses and mules on public lands. Without your help, this is a privilege we could lose!


A Special Important Message to BCHNWG Members and Friends:

   Attached are the Chattahoochee Oconee National Forests (CONF) planned basic volunteer training schedule and registration form for fiscal year 2015 (Oct.-Sept).  Anyone wanting to take FS offered FREE training/certification MUST pre-register and be approved by the District (Karen Larsen is our contact).  You must complete the form attached and send it to Karen, and let our BCHNWG President know of your intent.

   Note also that anyone taking Chainsaw or Crosscut training/certification MUST ALSO have a valid Basic First Aid/CPR card that is acceptable to the Forest Service.  One may not take these classes without showing valid first aid and CPR cards.  The attendance number is limited for all classes so you should register as soon as you are confident that you can take the specific class. 

   We need to resolve with Karen about certification for new chainsaw volunteers.  The chainsaw classes are listed as one day, but normally that is for re-certification.  Initial certification normally requires two days.  So we need to resolve that as we likely will have some folks needing initial certification.

   It is vital that BCHNWG has some folks certified to use a chainsaw on our Forest trails.  So I ask our members to please take this seriously and give some time and effort to obtain or retain certification.   From my experiences, the classes are beneficial to participants and are oriented to the volunteer work we do.

   With approval, one may take any CONF listed class, so you may take the class in other FS Districts which will be a longer distance to travel.  But you will still need pre-approval by Karen Larsen as she will need to clear your attendance with the other FS District.

I will be glad to handle any questions you may have.





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Tuesday, March 10
Fannin Coop

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Dr. Zagor

Ocoee Animal


Preserving our trails for future generations is a main goal of BCHNG.
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